As this is my first blog post, I’m treating you to both a poem and a photo that say something about me. Firstly, here is a beautiful sonnet I discovered last year (hint: my name is Genevieve).

Maid of my Love, sweet Genevieve!
In Beauty’s light you glide along:
Your eye is like the Star of Eve,
And sweet your voice, as Seraph’s song
Yet not your heavenly beauty gives
This heart with Passion soft to glow:
Within your soul a voice there lives!
It bids you hear the tale of Woe.
When sinking low the sufferer wan
Beholds no hand outstretch’d to save,
Fair, as the bosom of the Swan
That rises graceful o’er the wave,
I’ve seen your breast with pity heave,
And therefore love I you, sweet Genevieve!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

To those of you who, like me, have grown up with the torment of never finding your name on a key-ring, mug or, more recently, coke bottle, you will understand my joy at discovering Coleridge’s sonnet, ‘Genevieve’. Having studied and loved the Romantic poets, stumbling across this beautiful poem was a moment of joy for both my inner literary nerd and the child who had to battle with the difficulties of a 9-letter name (note: the first word you learn to write is your name. I resented every Joe and Sam in my class). Who needs a cheap teddy bear when I have a Romantic sonnet! I may just forgive my parents for my pretentious and overly-complicated name yet…

Here are a few photos I took over the weekend visiting my favourite place in the world and second home, Walberswick. It’s a tiny village in Suffolk, and these photographs were taken on a walk to and from Southwold, across the River Blyth. It’s a beautiful place, and one that means a lot to me and my family who have been visiting for generations.

I will be posting regularly about my main areas of interest, a range of literature from Shakespeare to T. S. Eliot and Photographers from Cartier-Bresson to Winogrand, with a focus on 20th Century street photography, as well as some of my own work.

Southwold Common, 1/11/14
Walberswick, River Blyth, 1/11/14
Southwold Beach Huts, 1/11/14

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